历史的天意观:清教徒的例子8 分钟阅读

by Jillian Diffenderfer with Mary Stauffer
Providential View of History: The Example of 清教徒<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">8</span> 分钟阅读</span>
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看待历史有两种方式:通过世俗的视角或通过上帝的视角. The secular view of history holds the view that man is in control. 相反的观点是,神掌管一切,积极参与人的生活. The latter is often referred to as the providential view of history.

普罗维登斯被定义为上帝给予我们的照顾,因为他看到了过去、现在和未来. 此外, 韦伯斯特州 that within the boundary of providence, man that acknowledges a creation 和 denies a providence involves himself in a palpable contradiction; 为 the same power which caused a thing to exist is necessary to continue its existence. 因此, 上帝的历史观意味着上帝积极参与生活的方方面面, telling His story throughout history 为 His plans 和 purposes.

屏幕-射- 2014 - 11 - 10 - 1 - 52 - 57点正如歌罗西书1:17所说:“他在万有之先,万有也靠他而立。.以弗所书1:7-10告诉我们, “在他, 我们借着他的血得救赎, 宽恕我们的罪过, according to the riches of His grace which He lavished on us. 在所有的智慧和洞察力, He made known to us the mystery of His will, 这是照著神在他心里所定的美意,要使他的治理能合乎时代的需要, 这是, 万有都归于基督, things in the heavens 和 things on the earth.”


当我们把历史看作他的故事时,我们看到所有的历史都在耶稣基督里完成了. 帖撒罗尼迦后书1:10说, “when He comes to be glorified in His saints on that day, 又在一切信的人中希奇,因为我们向你作的见证,他们信了.用W.一个克里斯, “在历史的终结, when Jesus descends to complete all his purposes, 他最终的计划将会实现:所有相信他的人都会对他感到“惊奇”. The Latin Vulgate translates the Greek behind ‘marveled at’ as admirabilis—’admired.’ When he comes on that day to be admired by all who have believed in him.'” John Piper states that “The consummation of history is the admiration of Jesus.”

We read in God’s word that his plan is that all men would know Jesus. (提摩太前书2:4)因此, 如果我们把历史看成一个时间轴, we see that God’s story began in the garden of Eden, 和 His plan that all would know Him existed in abundance here. Man (Adam 和 Eve) knew the Lord very intimately, 和 literally walked daily with Him until sin came in, causing a separation between man 和 God.

Dayspring christian academy students study the Bible together in classThe Lord’s plan continued to be 为 man to know Him intimately, 所以我们在圣经中看到,上帝把律法赐给摩西和以色列人,是为了告诉我们,我们的处境是如此绝望, 我们永远不能遵守律法. The Law revealed our need 为 a Savior (Romans 3:23). 当耶稣降临, 他弥合了因罪而产生的隔阂——分离,所以我们可以再次与天父亲近(以弗所书2:8-9)。. 我们继续研究历史的时间轴,看到福音是通过耶稣的门徒和保罗在中东和亚洲传播的. Eventually, the gospel began to work its way westward.

神要传福音给所有人的计划要求福音继续从旧世界向西传播, 和, in 1620, He used a small group of faithful believers to carry the gospel to the New World. 这些朝圣者, 我们现在这样称呼他们, had two goals in sailing across the ocean to settle a wild, 蛮荒的土地. In 普利茅斯种植园, the journal of Pilgrim William Brad为d, 我们发现《BCK体育注册官网》雄辩地表达了这两个目标——“为上帝的荣耀和基督教信仰的进步而承担。.”

天意的历史观向我们揭示,神的计划正在实施,他的目的是让所有人都认识他. With a Providential view of history we see with each 为ward advance of the gospel, God raised up a leader to carry the gospel 为ward to those who did not yet know Him. We see that 清教徒 were raised up to carry the gospel to the New World, 和 also to sow the seeds 为 a new 为m of government, 基督教的自治.


时间到了 清教徒 to depart from Holl和 to the New World, the congregation received a letter from their beloved pastor, 约翰。罗宾逊. 在这个劝诫中, 罗宾逊提醒清教徒们, 选择离开他们的故土, their l和s 和 livings 和 all their friends, 只有当他们为了一个共同的目标而团结起来,反对任何试图分裂他们的反对派时,他们的牺牲才会有结果. Robinson stated: “A fourth thing is carefully to be provided 为, 这和你的工作有关, 你们所有人的共同点是什么, you join affections truly bent upon the general good, 避免, 作为你舒适的致命瘟疫, all retiredness of mind 为 selfish advantage. 让每个人都压抑自己的内心, as so many rebels against the common good, 所有私人偏好, 这与一般的方便不一致,因为人们很小心,在新房子安定下来,各部分牢固地结合起来之前,不要用任何暴力来摇动它, 做你自己, 我恳求你, 弟兄们, 更加小心, 就是神的殿, 你现在是谁,将来是谁, 在第一次解决问题时,不要被不必要的新奇事物或其他反对意见所动摇.”

In the final paragraph of his exhortation to the departing 朝圣者, 罗宾逊宣布, “最后, whereas you are to become a body politic, administering among yourselves civil government, 和 are furnished with persons of no special eminence above the rest, from whom you will elect some to the office of government, 要显出你的智慧和敬虔来, not only in choosing such persons as will entirely love 和 promote the common good, 而且在他们的合法行政中给予他们应有的荣誉和服从.”



在新大陆登陆后,勇敢的会众遭遇了新英格兰的严冬. 那些不属于他们教众的人开始谈论离开教众, 主要是因为“五月花”号并没有在他们获得专利的地区着陆. This meant they had no one to 为mally govern them. 另外, 有些人威胁要发动兵变,因为他们不愿受一个普通人的统治. The 朝圣者 knew that smaller numbers meant they had little chance of survival. 利用他们从上帝的话语中获得的智慧,他们形成了我们现在所说的《BCK体育注册官网》. Obedient to the Lord 和 their beloved Pastor Robinson, 《BCK体育注册官网》成为第一个以基督教自治为基础的公民政体,并最终保留了这个新生的殖民地.

这些由清教徒辛勤播下的基督教自治的种子结出了丰硕的果实, 为, 在美国建国时期, 我们看到新一代的男男女女能够根据神话语的原则进行推理. This ability penetrated every area of their lives, to the point that their 圣经的世界观 enabled them to found the world’s first 基督教 constitutional republic. 这并非巧合, but Providence—the direct result of a philosophy, 课程, 以及教育的方法论, 其核心是, 基督教. 家, 教堂, 和 school were unified both in purpose 和 practice, thereby producing the revolutionary results that amazed the Old World.

Sadly, this ability to think 和 reason from the Word of God has deteriorated. 今天的美国学校不赞成提及上帝,并从教科书和教室中删除了我们的基督教遗产. Self-government has also deteriorated both in the individual 和 in our government. 只有通过基督徒父母有意识的决定,美国丰富的基督教遗产才能被赋予下一代美国人.


像黎明基督教学院这样的学校不仅教给学生他们所继承的丰富的基督教传统, but also the gift of knowing the Word of God. Coupled with the ability to reason from the Word of God, 学生们被教导的核心原则,有助于发展他们的清教徒祖先的基督教品格, enabling them to experience true liberty, which comes only from 基督教的自治.

五月花号桅杆威廉·布拉德福德, in his journal 普利茅斯种植园 said, “All great 和 honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, 和 must be both met 和 overcome with answerable courage. It was granted that the dangers were great, but not desperate; the difficulties were many, 但并非不可战胜. 是的, though they should lose their lives in this action, yet might they have the com为t of knowing that their endeavor was worthy.“像清教徒那样的教育和性格发展,只有通过有意识地选择孩子应该走的路来实现。.

在黎明基督教学院, 学生们将看到神为完成他的计划和目的而培养的基督徒的榜样. 学生们面临的挑战是深入钻研基督教历史的时间轴,并最终到达“我在上帝的故事中是什么位置”的问题?”.

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